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April 06, 2017

In Italy, giving a small gift to the guests is a tradition to thank them and leave a memory of your special day. This is usually a small bag containing five sugared almonds which symbolize health, happiness, fertility, long life and wealth.
Generally speaking, when a wedding is celebrated abroad a welcome gift is a lovely gesture to thank the guests for attending the event.

Most of the times, these gifts are given before the end of the party but sometimes couples prefer to give them at the beginning of the reception or let the guests find them directly in the hotel room after the party. 
Italian local wines and specialties are really appreciated as a welcoming gift to Italy.
Whatever your preference is, DAMA Wedding will be able to suggest the best selection of elegantly wrapped handmade presents or local products.

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photho Credits: La Pralina padovana - Maurizio Cimmino - Andrea Tappo




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