Dama Wedding

Unplugged Ceremony

January 17, 2020

In the XXI century technology has become a constant presence of our life and we can observe this phenomenon during every instant of the day. Socials as Facebook and Instagnam are regularly full of pictures and posts. Obviously it is a good way to keep in touch and find out what is going on around the world but there are some special occasions in which technology can only be an annoyance.

One of this special moment can be the destination wedding of one of your friends or a relative close to you and although newlyweds who are getting married are young, we can find more often requests for an “unplugged wedding”.

Be unplugged for one day, an unforgettable day is something that everybody can and should do because in this way you can be more involved in the atmosphere, watch out with expressions used and with gestures everybody make. We can say that you are present and you are living this amazing Italian wedding day.

Bride and groom sometimes find funny way to communicate this particular desire: a big tableau at the entrance of the ceremony or reception area with the wish to have fun and switch off mobiles, cameras and any technology devices.

To catch every moment of the destination wedding there are professional photographers who are ready to capture the natural beauty and atmosphere of every instant from guests arrival up to the cutting cake or the after party.
In this way we assure beautiful photos for the couple, without mobiles or cameras flying in the air to take pictures especially in some important moment like ceremony or cutting cake.
Sometimes can happen that mobiles ring during the vows exchange and this should no happen in any case. It is something not respectful especially for the couple and all the people who want to live that unique mood with them.
One of the last reason to have an unplugged wedding is to keep your day personal and not a reality show.

Respect and essence are the key aspect: respect newlyweds’ wishes and photographers’ work and be present for fully experience every emotion.

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