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January 28, 2020

Spring, summer but in reality any season of the year have particular and fascinating aspect to celebrate a wedding in that particular season. Especially if the beautiful setting of your wedding is the historical, natural and beautiful Italy.
A wedding is the big day of everyone’s life so why should it last only one day? Have you ever thought about a long destination wedding?
This is possible, funny and at the same time chilling if you trust in a professional wedding planner who helps you in the decision and in different steps to realize your day.

In many cases bride and groom choose to get married during a weekend day thinking that  it is easier for guests to take part in their celebration because they do not have to go to work. Due to this and taking advantage of the situation newlyweds suggest staying one or two more days to get fun with friends in Italy: the magnificent Tuscany, the lively Amalfi Coast, the romantic Lakes region, the enchanting cities of art...
It can be common in fact planning a welcome pizza party on Friday night to make the guests know each other and warm up the atmosphere. Generally it is a chilly night in which people chat, listen to music in the background and find out the narrow treasure that anyplace offers.

Saturday is the  big day: feelings, tears, smiles, music, food, friends and relatives, everybody is there to attend at that moment, so important for life of this two people. After the ceremony and the wedding cake forecasts announce a rather fun Saturday night with dance music, drinks and songs.
Marriage itself is something amazing presented in many aspects of the day: the attitude of  guests , decorations all around, the huge and contrary mountain of feelings that newlyweds feel in that particular day...
After getting fun a chilly goodbye can be something really appreciate so think about arrange a brunch or a light lunch on the last day stay  and spend  the afternoon sunbathing in the swimming pool  of the venue with your friends.
Professional photographers capture every instant of your day, but you will keep these memories in your heart for all your life especially if during your wedding you will take care of guests.


Cover photo: Paola Calamarà

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