Dama Wedding

Wedding Sweet table

January 31, 2020

Planning a Destination Wedding In Italy is something unique! The country has a huge historical heritage and natural wonders narrowed that have to be find out.
The magical day of a wedding is a dream day in which everything has to be like in a fairytale: flowers, entertainment, details, flavours and especially the food. Due to this the wedding breakfast is one of the most important aspects that guests judge and remember about a wedding because of the relevant importance that Italian people gives to meals.
A sweet moment that everyone waits for is the cutting cake that nowadays has become a little show, accompanied by fireworks  many times.
But why should the wedding cake be the only cake during the dinner?
In recent year more and more often the cutting cake is added to a dessert buffet or a sweet table. In this decorated corner you could find different variety on sweets, cakes, cookies and cupcakes, pops and so on.
It is on the sweetening parts of the evening.
During the party between a song and a funny dance guests can take a break and recharge themselves  with something sweets.
The sweet table can have also some white candy vases of different flavours. People can choose if try them during the party or take a little bag to fill in and take it away.

You can customize the area with colours, flowers or elements that remember the wedding theme.
You can decide the arrangement with your wedding planner and she will get in charge of making a eautiful sweet corner for you and your guests.


photo courtesy BTTRCRM