Dama Wedding

About the Groom

Milano - February 07, 2020

It is common to give brides advise about beauty, dresses but today we want to take care of grooms-to-be.
During a wedding first groom but all the best men and guests should follow a dress code. Concerning to the groom, his suit choice should be determined by the time of the ceremony (morning, afternoon), the place (Church, Villas, Town Hall) and the wedding style that has been decided.

A morning dress is a traditional black or grey coat with curved edges sloping back into long tails combined with grey or stripped trousers. Always wear with a white shirt, a double or single waistcoat and a tie or cravat. This outfit cannot be complete without the hat.

Black tie or tuxedo, know in different labels, but it is referred to the midnight blue or woollen back jacket with silk lapels and covered buttons. A white or plain silk shirt with buttons and a black bow tie complete the outfit. A gentleman with a black tie should wear a white handkerchief in the left breast pocket according to the rules and it is a suit which should only be worn in the evening or when there is a specific dress code.

Lounge suite is referred to both two-pieces or three-pieces options. Traditionally it is blue or grey but nowadays we can find it also in pale shades. A mud or purist blue suit can be as elegant as unconventional and rustic style at the same time.

Highland wear in the traditional suit of Scottish people who wants to marry according to traditions. They are used to wearing kilts to underline the connection between the native country and the place where they are going to get married.

As for brides choosing the right suit is can be difficult, especially for men, but when you find the one that fits perfect for you will be ready for your destination wedding in Italy.


Photo courtesy Sartoria Rossi - Exclusive Italian Tailoring   www.sartoriarossi.it