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Valentine's Day: Wedding proposal Day

Italy - February 14, 2020

It’s Valentine’s day, lovers day, and which best moment to receive or to pop the question?

With Christmas time is one of the romantic period of the year, that day paint itself of red, a colour which refer to love, romance, passion, intensive feelings.

On 14th February girls expected something because it is the love celebration but it can be that this year you will receive two surprises and one should need an answer. Following the traditions the male should pop the question but in the last year we also saw the situation reversed.

Lovers day open a multitude of way in which you can kneel for the wedding proposal: during a short holiday in a romantic hotel, among a mountain of snow, at an elegant dinner along the sea, in a significant place....in conclusion places and situation doesn’t miss. Use your imagination and let yourself be carried away.
Sometimes we think we have to create something over the top but in reality simpleness and surprise are two aspects always appreciate.

ph: Meagan Sarah