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Wedding Lawn Games

February 21, 2020

Taking care of your guests during a wedding should have a relevant importance. The option we propose you is to plan a destination wedding in the multitude venues of Italy and in some moment having fun with friends and relatives.

How to easily do this? With these giant lawn games for rent in Tuscany.
There are many games available and Spirito Toscano, a local carpentry company, creates all of them. They vary from the garden twister, the alcoholic chess, bowls and others, they have a site only to be discovered and rich of great ideas.
An other amazing game is the question wheel in which there are some personal questions that the half part of the couple should answer, obviously it is a entertainment you should do as a couple. Bride and groom could open the games..... sometimes you find out some surprising and strange things about your friends.
These games are perfect for the day before the wedding  where everybody has time to arrive and taking advantage of the green Italy, chilling and  becoming familiar with other guests. An other situation can be during the aperitif of the wedding day, you can decide to extend it and you can both eat, drink and play, you will discover how fun it can be. If you plan an early ceremony and a dinner because you want to take benefits of the beautiful sunset, fairy lights and evening atmosphere present games can be a suitable solution to spend a laughable afternoon and do not be fed up by the long timing program.
Spirito Toscano is the ideal rental agency for games in Tuscany to satisfy your guests and assure them a sparkling and memorable destination wedding    


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