Dama Wedding


Italy - February 25, 2020

Toasts and speeches are a tradition of passage in each wedding.
The correct order should be the father of the bride, groom and best man who has the role of toastmaster, too.
The father of the bride is the one who opens this moment because it has the double purpose to introduce the new couple to all the guests, celebrate and welcome the newlyweds.
He is followed by the groom’s speech which has as a subject his new wife and their life together and he should be grateful to parents, bridesmaids and significant guests.
In some cases also the bride can take the floor and say something. The secret is do not be shy but let yourself be carried away by the emotions of the moment.
The final speech should expect to the best man. He as the task to introduce the groom to those guests who did not know him well, telling stories about the couple and anecdotes about groom’s childhood.

Tips for successful speeches:
Traditionally toast are made during the meal between courses but sometimes they can be boring, because they last too much and slow down the dinner. Due to this a suggestion can be to keep your speeches short and comical because they have to be an entertainment for guests and not a sleeping pill.
An other advice is to plan them during the aperitif in this way you can extend it for a while by creating an interactive moment between toast makers and guests and enjoy the wedding dinner.

At this moment we propose to raise up your glasses and toast to the new couple!

ph Valerio Gargiulo