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Covid19 and Weddings: tips for couples postponing to winter time

Italy - May 15, 2020

Following plans this spring or summer, you should have been get married in Italy or in any part of the world. Unfortunately population was overwhelmed by Coronavirus which only made us postpone our plan of months. We would underline postponing and not cancelling because you could still live your dream wedding in the lovely, romantic and always evocative Italy.

This is a strange period in which uncertainties spread around us but at the same time you can rely, now more than before on a professional specialized in the sector: a wedding planner who can assist you with legal affairs, tips and planning stuff to create a suitable atmosphere for your wedding in a stress-free attitude.

Some couples have decided to postpone their wedding from the warm season to the cold but much romantic winter months. This does not mean that you should reinvent your wedding... Celebrate a winter wedding has great opportunities for the colour palette proposed, the lovely atmosphere, and why not, the lower rates.
You're probably feel a little bit lost with this, but don't woory. We will see here below the key points in a wedding and how to deal with them during winter time:

  • Wedding Gown
  • Flowers and Decor
  • Reception and food


In a practical way your wedding gown will definitely not be a problem! Sleeve-less or back-less wedding gown can be renovate for the winter season.
One comfortable solution is to enrich it with furs (do not worry there are eco, too), shrugs and wool shawls. So, you can be a princess has you dreamt of.

Another aspect to consider is your flowers palette and bouquet. If you planned to have spring or summer seasonal flowers, maybe they cannot be found in the cold months. The advice is to talk to  your wedding planner or flower designer to sort it out the best solution maintaining the same colour palette if you wish so or adapting it to the beautiful options which December month offers. The main goal is to make you happy! Lastly, remeber that lights play an important role in creating the right atmosphere, so let your immagination fly and commit your wedding planner to design special personalized lighting.

If your ceremony or wedding reception meal was scheduled outdoor you should start thinking about the plan B. In Italy there are plenty of lovely and romantic plan B for celebrating an indoor wedding. You can start thinking of that day as surrounded by picturesque art paintings, historical villas or castles, and a soft lighting you emphasize the whole atmosphere.
Your light supplier will provide more chandeliers than fairy lights but the main result will be assured.

One of the last aspect is obviously food! Your fresh finger food or seasonel products are not forgotten but only replaced by other typical tasty Italian dishes. In any season you come visiting Italy you always will have an impressive and memorable food experience.

Due to this, take advantage from different points of planning a wedding in winter and if you need help for reschedule it or some general tips regarding bureaucracy or anything else, send us an email to info@damawedding.it and we will be more than glad to support you in your path for creating the perfect destination wedding!


Photo Credit: Daniele Vertelli