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Lulù: Image consultant

November 14, 2016

DAMA Wedding interviewed some professionals in the wedding industry and lifestyle in order to offer valuable advice and intriguing curiosity to our blog readers. The first interview that we publish is to Lulù, an Italian girl “image consultant” in New York.

Enjoy your reading!

“Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak” (Rachel Zoe)

DW: Lulù is an assumed name, I suppose…
Lulù: My real name is Marianna but everyone calls me Lulù since I was born, that’s why I’ll be Lulù  for you as well!

DW: Okay Lulù! We’re really curious to know how you started your line of work
Lulù: I love both people and fashion since I was a little child, that’s why I found my greatest fulfilment starting working as image consultant in New York. It allows me to help my clients to bring out the best of themselves and of their personality through clothing and personal care.

DW: What kinds of services does an image consultant offer?
Lulù: I offer a number of services and they are all extremely fun. We begin with a color analysis which serves to understand better which tones and hues best harmonize with your skin tone, eye color as well as your hair color.  I take those into account as part of the physical characteristic then we work on the personality and we find a way to express it all better. We discover together clothes and accessories which are better suited for an individual. Another fundamental aspect to my work consists of teaching how to diminish or reduce flaws and to enhance your other qualities. Wearing those hues will make you appear more “authentically you”, rested, healthy and youthful.

DW: Interesting! Can you teach us the tricks of the trade?
Lulù: Of course! If you would like to appear slimmer, wear something with vertical lines which creates an optical illusion of longer lines and more height. Contrary, don’t wear any horizontal lines or bright colors if you’d like to hide the bulge of a few kilos!

DW: In these times of crisis, it’s not really easy to open your wallet to go shopping…
Lulù: You’re perfectly right, in fact my goal is not to clean out your wardrobe, but to salvage and understand how to use perfectly existing clothes and accessories which compliment your skin tone and your features.  At the same time, you will able to understand the value of purpose buying: essential items which are still missing from your wardrobe. We get rid of things that does not fit or flatter you and we rediscover new ways to wear old favourites by reworking your current wardrobe, creating outfits from your existing pieces.

DW: What are the must-have items in the wardrobe of a fashionable woman?
Lulù: What can’t ever be missing in the wardrobe of a woman are the basic elements like a jacket and a pair of black pants, white shirt, a sheath dress (one-piece dress or the little black dress) and a trench. If we want to add other items to the mix, we can start from shoes to necklaces and other accessories in general.  The most fundamental thing is to know how to get a mix of these exquisite elements using low-cost items in a way that creates an outfit which is matching harmoniously, elegant and enviable because it’s original and so personal!

DW: Before we say goodbye, any advice to our readers for the 2013 spring-summer season?
Lulù: Bright colors are in but above all, pastel colors are a must of this season. Buy a jacket or a pair of pants and combine them with your existing clothes, these colors will bring brightness and positivity. Use them more often!

If you want to know more about me  check out my website at www.mariannarmellino.com


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