Dama Wedding

Castle Chianti Wedding

Tuscany - Chianti - January 10, 2020

When I remember Ariel and Dylan’s wedding there is only one word which can describe that day: elegance!
Elegance is the right noun characterizing their gorgeous and funny destination wedding in a beautiful Castle in Tuscany.

Planning an Italian destination wedding can be something amazing  especially if the newlyweds are a special couple as Ariel an Dylan. The both live in Huston but they have different origin: she is from Texas and he is Scottish.  Due to his origin they chose to reproduce the Scottish colors of the clan he belongs to: burgundy and blue were the nuances presented in the ushers suits, in flowers bouquet and in the table decorations.
The weather was frightening with many dark clouds but just in time for the ceremony it improved and gave them the opportunity  to celebrate the rite and to have an alfresco dinner in the warm Tuscany. The ceremony took place on the hill with the breathtaking view down the castle.
Ariel was beautiful with her mermaid gown embroidered with crystals on the back and on her neck as making up a smart necklace. They were simple and smart at the same time, a combo that can exist as creation of something wonderful.  
In typical Scottish tradition the newlyweds walk down the hill accompanied by the sound of the bagpipe. During the whole day the atmosphere was warm, lazy but sophisticate at the same time. Everybody had a great time from the beginning of the ceremony up to the funny party.  
The garden of the castle with a spectacular landscape was the perfect setting for the wedding dinner. A huge U shape wooden table stood in the middle of the area under a beautiful sky of fairy lights which emphasized most the mood of the evening. A big wooden dance floor was installed just in front of the  dinner area for Ariel and Dylan first dance and the touching speeches during the reception.
Also the four tiers naked cake was coordinated with the colour mood of the day: red and black berries were the only decorations for that magnificent cake.
The sky of that day represent the real meaning of a wedding: the true love always win and smiles and laughs on their faces are the exactly confirmation.

PH: Francesco Spighi


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