Dama Wedding

A first class wedding overseas … Why not?

Do you think that organizing the most important day of your life will be a challenge? Do you wonder why you would want to complicate matters by hosting it far away? Let me explain!

My name is Danila and I’ve been working for years as an event manager. Throughout my career I have organized events for up to 800 people!

You are right to assume that organizing an event requires a considerable effort. So why not rely on an event manager who specializes in weddings? That way you can relax and enjoy the preparations without any anxiety.

Destination wedding?

Multimedia communication allows us to overcome the distance. Your wedding planner can send you pictures and videos, and you can listen to the musicians in real time … You are able to make these important decisions in the comfort of your living room.

Obviously, not all destinations are identical – all have different potential and offer different services. Therefore, the first step will be to discuss your individual needs and desires.

My expertise lies in Italy and I will demonstrate just how easy it is to realize your dream in this beautiful peninsula.

Let me give you five key points that a bride and groom should consider before choosing a destination wedding.

Read below and if you are not still convinced to host your wedding overseas, contact me! I will be happy to dispel any doubts you may have!

On the other hand, if I have you intrigued, I’m at your disposal with more valuable information to start your wonderful wedding adventure!

1. Paperwork are easy to obtain

It’s easy to get the necessary documents for both civil and religious ceremonies!

The bureaucratic procedure starts in your country of residence, but for the most part takes place in Italy where your wedding planner will monitor the process.

2. Beauty and variety of locations

Italy offers an abundance of unique landscapes that guarantee to exceed visitors’ expectations:
the elegance of villas overlooking the lakes,
rolling hills covered with vineyards and dotted with medieval villages,
the fairy-tale atmosphere of the mountains and charming chalets,
unspoiled beaches and quaint fishing villages,
the beautiful cities of art … Rome, Venice and Florence.

Therefore, Italy is not only ideal for your unforgettable wedding, but also perfect for your honeymoon!

You will be spoiled for choice when it comes to impressing your guests. Before and after the wedding you can organize a variety of activities: guided visits to historical and artistic sites, tastings, cooking classes, sports activities, and much more.

An expert wedding planner provides the organization of these services… so enjoy!

3. The quality of hospitality

The quality of services in Italy is very high. Italy is a very popular tourist destination and all operators have adopted first class standards of hospitality. In addition, the Italian cuisine and wines always impress even the most demanding palates.

The local knowledge of your event manager will ensure you are informed about the best opportunities. So contact a wedding planner with established experience.

4. Design

Italy is the country of fashion and style. Your wedding planner will be able to suggest creative ideas, and you will also have artists at your disposal to give a touch of personalized style.