Catholic Wedding

Needless to say, the most beautiful and ancient churches of the world are located in Italy.


If the Parish Priest can only speak Italian, DAMA Wedding will suggest someone who can celebrate it in your own language. Specific Catholic requirements have to be met in order to celebrate a Catholic wedding in Italy: You will have to provide a permission from your Parish Bishop and attend Pre-Cana classes as well as send all certificates of baptism and confirmation. If you have been divorced but the wedding has not officially been annulled, you cannot marry in a Catholic church.  Documents have to be issued and dated within 6 months of the planned date of the marriage. Catholic weddings in Italy are legally binding. Depending on your country of origin, the procedure for the legalization, may differ.

Jewish Wedding

They can take place in a Synagogue or in one of the many beautiful Italian locations with breathtaking views, secret gardens or impressive venues like one of the stunning luxury castles or villas all over Italy

The above mentioned are all Orthodox communities and their specific requirements are the same as those for your own country. Your Rabbi will have to issue the required religious documents and send them to the Italian Rabbi. You can also make your own Rabbi celebrate the wedding in Italy. In this case the civil ceremony has to be performed in advance. This can take place either in Italy or in your own country. We will be delighted to help you find the best solution for you! We can also plan to serve a kosher meal or a “kosher-style” wedding menu at most locations. Please ask to your wedding planner for additional information about an Orthodox or non-Orthodox Jewish wedding.

Orthodox Synagogues are located in large Italian cities, such as Rome, Florence, Venice, Naples and Trieste, where the largest and historically important Jewish communities live.

Civil Wedding

A marriage celebrated in Italy will have legal force even in your home country.DAMA Wedding will work to make your wedding in Italy as easy as possible.

We will provide you with detailed information on the documents required, make the necessary appointments in Italy and follow you step by step.

These procedures are quite simple but they may differ depending on your country of origin.
Italian civil weddings are celebrated by a public official in city halls or other venues which have been granted a license for ceremonies. Some municipalities also offer the possibility to celebrate ceremonies in private villas and castles. It is usually possible to customize the ceremony in terms of vows and music.

Hindu Wedding

The wedding is the most important ceremony in Hindu culture. Celebrations may vary according to local traditions in India: they are based on ancient rites and the marriage ritual can last for three or more days.

The peak of the entire ceremony is the Saptapadi or seven steps ritual, when bride and groom exchange seven promises that bind their lives together, forever. In Italy there are many elegant and prestigious wedding venues to rent: ancient castles and elegant villas with amazing gardens where to build your mandap decorated by expert floral designers. It is also possible to accommodate guests for a real fabulous wedding celebration. We can help you choose the best location and professionals for your breathtaking Hindu wedding in Italy.

Other Confessions

Protestant, Jewish or other Christian religion weddings can be celebrated wherever you wish, even in the open air, gardens and private villas. You need to have all the required civil and religious documents.

Before the religious ceremony takes place, a civil ceremony in an Italian town hall or even in your country of origin is required to make these weddings legally binding. DAMA Wedding will work to make everything as easy as possible.

LGBT wedding

Since May 2016 same sex weddings and legal civil weddings and unions have been legal in Italy. We are now ready to help Mr&Mr and Mrs&Mrs to make their dreams come true in our beautiful country.

Our professional team will be delighted to help you plan the best wedding you can dream of and guide you through all paperwork required to celebrate a legal marriage in Italy. Qualified English-speaking celebrants (or other languages, if needed) will design the perfect same-sex tailor made wedding ceremony based on your own tastes and needs in terms of readings and music for a perfect mutual ring and vows exchange.