In these days in which Covid19 forces us into to stay in our homes while we are witnessing a dramatic situation outside, I wondered if I should continue to publish articles on the blog. From my point of view, I found unrespectful talking about flowers, ribbons, color palettes …
However, at the same time I think it is healthy to shift our attention to something beautiful, which will help us unplugging from this condition, even if only for a few minutes.
In a few days it will be Easter and contrary to other years we won’t have the opportunity to spend this time with family and friends, but this is not a good reason to leave out house decorations especially table decors.
Today I would like to focus on spring arrangements, perfect for an intimate and informal wedding, but at the same time I hope it will inspire you to decorate your Easter table.

First of all, seasonal flowers which you can find between March and April:
Romantic anemones, splendid tulips, hyacinths and daffodils, together with the colorful ranunculus. At the beginning of April we will find lilies of the valley and sweet myosotis.
On the contrary in mid-April we will have more difficulty finding anemones due to the mild temperatures, but we will enjoy the elegance and romance of peonies.
With such a variety of flowers, we are spoiled for choice in creating our ideal centerpiece …
The palette can based on delicate shades or if you prefer bright colors, you can opt for lively nuances that give us tulips, daffodils and ranunculus.
But what about tableware?  I would like to keep your attention on this fundamental element.
In order to present the table flawlessly, it is essential to set it up carefully.
Kind of materials and colors must be chosen correctly because they are the key for a good result.
The mise en place for a reception can be divided into 3 macro categories: formal, classic, informal.
Since we are thinking about Easter table, I would certainly opt for a classic table setting.

What the main features are?
Tablecloths and napkins in natural fabrics such as cotton or linen in white milk shades.

Ordinary? Not at all: white is always an elegant choice, it makes the table brighter and will greatly simplify the task of combining it. If you choose a colored or patterned tablecloth you will have to harmonize all the elements of your mise en place.
Finally, remember that tablecloth should drop down for about thirty to forty centimeters.

We come to plates and cutlery:
in the next few days I will write an article entirely dedicated to these very important details, but now let’s come back to our Easter table.
Underplate yes or no? If it were formal equipment, it would be absolutely taken in consideration but in a classic mise en place you can freely choose whether to use it or not.
In any case, a maximum of three dishes can be prepared on the table: starters, first and main course.
If there is a decoration on  plates, they must be placed perfectly straight to the person who will sit opposite.
Cutlery: an entire article could also be written for them. There are so many materials and shapes. If you decide to maintain a sober style, the classic stainless steel will do very well. Otherwise, in the gallery below you will find several ideas.
Remember that the cutlery  used first will be placed on the external side and the others gradually  are placed closer to the plate. Knives are collocated to the right side of a  plate (blade facing inwards), forks on the left (prongs facing upwards). Dessert fork and spoon should be placed horizontally above the dinner plate (fork with handle on the left instead spoon with handle on the right).

Glasses: any perfect table setting have to take into account the wines that will be served. We will therefore have a glass for the water and the most suitable glasses for tasting different wines. Larger glass is intended for serving red wine indeed smaller one is for white wine.

Below I have selected some pictures that will inspire you in the decoration of your spring tables. Have fun and Happy Easter!